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You have the choice to join either a "Keeper" League for perpetual ownership leagues, or an "Annual" League, where everyone starts from scratch at the beginning of a new season.


This is a great choice for those players who are looking for that GM/Team Owner feel of the game:

  • Twenty team leagues split into four divisions
  • Build your team for the current season or the future in mind
  • Maintain your same team and players year after year
  • The ability to trade future draft picks
  • Build your basketball dynasty and rivalries
  • Regular Owner input in League issues


    If you're looking for something different every year, this is the choice for you:

  • Twenty team leagues split into four divisions
  • Draft your Championship team from scratch annually
  • Unlimited Player trading
  • Compete against different players annually
  • Whether you decide you're in it for the long haul or season to season, all of our leagues face some of the same challenges that NBA owners, General Managers, and Head Coaches face:

  • Evaluating talent to see who will make the cut
  • Covering all five positions with the right talent
  • Staying within the annual Salary Cap
  • Keeping up with the current Free Agents
  • Putting together the best starting lineup game after game
  • Watching out for those key injuries

    Can you fulfill your team's destiny ?


    Format & Schedule

  • Each league with consist of 20 teams in four divisions and two Conferences
  • The Regular Season will consist of 15 Weeks
  • Each team will play 2 Head to Head games per week League Drafts*
  • Each league will have a Draft consisting of 13 Rounds
  • Draft order will be determined randomly by
  • Every odd numbered round will be in 1 thru 20 order, and every even numbered round will be 20 thru 1
  • Each team will need to prioritize players available prior to the draft
  •'s Auto Draft will draft players onto each team based upon team's Priority Lists and availability
  • After the Draft has completed each team will be allowed to sign Free Agents, release players, etc in order to finalize their rosters to meet Roster Guidelines and the Salary Cap, with the order determined by


  • Five positions will be used for gameplay, Center (C), Power Forward (PF), Small Forward (SF), Shooting Guard (SG), and Point Guard (PG)
  • Players official positions will be as designated by
  • Player positions are subject to change, however only to add new positions
  • Players that qualify at multiple positions can fill Roster Requirements for each of those positions
  • Players may only be on one League Roster at any given time


  • Each team will have a Roster size of between 10 to 13 players
  • Every player will have an Annual Salary
  • The total of team's player salaries must be below the Annual Salary Cap
  • Every team must maintain 2 players at each position


  • Trading between teams will be allowed up to and including Week 11 of the Regular Season
  • Trades putting any team over the Roster limits or Salary Cap will not be allowed.
  • There is no limit to the number of trades allowed

    Free Agents

  • Each week in the Regular Season team's will be allowed to sign Free Agents and release players
  • Signing priority will be based upon team's W-L record

    Weekly Lineups

  • Prior to the start of each week, a Starting Lineup must be submitted for each team, with a backup designated for each starter in case of injury
  • A Starting lineup will consist of 5 players (one each C,PF,SF,SG, & PG)


  • Each corresponding player will be awarded 1 Fantasy Point for every Point, Rebound, Assist, Steal, and Block they attain in their NBA game played
  • Any injured players in a team's Starting Lineup will have their designated Backup's scoring substituted in their place
  • The starters at each position will have their points totaled and the team with the most points will win that game
  • Any ties will result in a Tie in the League Standings


  • Each Division Winner and the top two teams in each Conference based upon W-L Record will advance to the Playoffs, which start after the All Star Break annually
  • Any ties for Division Titles or Playoff Advancement will be resolved by:
    1) Head to Head Record, 2) Division Record (for Div Title only), 3) Conference Record, 4) Accumulated Team Points Scored, 5) Randomly
  • Playoff Series will be conducted in Round Robin format within each Conference, with each Conference winner meeting in the Championship
  • Each Playoff Series will be a best 3 of 5 format, with the exception of the Championship series which will be a best 4 of 7 format.


    Any rule or circumstance not covered above will be addressed and resolved at's discretion.

    * Special Rules for Keeper Leagues

  • Each subsequent Annual Draft will consist of 3 rounds
  • The Draft will follow 1 thru 20 order throughout
  • The Draft order will be determined by a Lottery for non Playoff teams, and by Playoff results for others
  • Draft picks for the following season may be traded
  • No team will be allowed to hold more than 3 picks in any round, or more than 9 Draft picks in any Draft
  • The new Salary Cap and Salaries will be announced prior to the Draft Annually